Friday, August 14, 2015

RM Global Security for Medical Marijuana Clinic Contracts

Local Security Firms Race to Compete for Medical Marijuana Clinic Contracts

RM Global Security has joined the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce and hopes to partner with dispensaries vying for storefont space in the neighborhood, according to Medrano and chamber president Bill Morton. Medrano said local firms like his five-year-old company should be considered first to protect Chicago’s 13 medical marijuana dispensaries and the 22 cultivation centers across the state.

“Big companies have already made their presence known, and the dispensary licensees, understandably, they’re in a big hurry, they don’t have time to look at a small company like myself who calls them up or knocks on their door,” Medrano, 61, told DNAinfo Chicago. “They want somebody who has a nice, established presence. Already some of the big boys from Colorado are out here making a major showing in Illinois.”

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Streets of Rogers Park

Each street of Rogers Park now has a facebook street page!

Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce
Albion Avenue

Arthur Avenue

Ashland Avenue
Birchwood Avenue
Bosworth Avenue
Chase Avenue
Clark Street

Damen Avenue
Devon Avenue
Columbia Avenue
Eastlake Terrace
Fargo Avenue
Farwell Avenue
Glenwood Avenue

Greenleaf Avenue
Greenview Avenue
Haskins Avenue
Hermitage Avenue
Honore Street
Howard Street

Hoyne Avenue
Jarvis Avenue
Jonquil Terrace
Juneway Terrace
Lakewood Avenue
Loyola Avenue
Lunt Avenue

Marshfield Avenue
Morse Avenue

North Shore Avenue
Paulina Street

Pratt Blvd.
Ravenswood Avenue
Ridge Blvd.
Rogers Avenue

Seeley Avenue
Sheridan Road
Sherwin Avenue
Touhy Avenue
Winchester Avenue
Wolcott Avenue
Street pages on twitter:
Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce
Clark Street
Devon Avenue
Glenwood Avenue
Howard Street
Jarvis Avenue
Morse Avenue
Sheridan Road